There’s a lot to be said for Autumn, not least the fact that the football season is getting into full swing and I can get back to cooking the stuff I love, like stews and crumbles and a slow roast on a chilly sunday.


This is easily the most abundant time of year so far as fresh produce is concerned. Plums, figs, blackberries and sweetcorn mark the weeks when Summer slips into early Autumn and right behind them are the season’s big hitters – apples and pears, squash and pumpkins, mushrooms and nuts. Every season’s produce feels right for the time, and none more so than now. Big robust dishes are what’s required and this lot are perfect for soups and stews, pies and puddings.

So far as Bill’s is concerned, I like how the restaurants turn back in on themselves now the weather is getting colder and the evenings longer. Dim the lights, get the candelabras glowing… the Danish, who know a thing of two about long winters, have a word – hygge – that sums up that feeling of cosying up inside. It means friends and family, hot chocolate, good wine, candles, warmth and laughter. That’s what we aim for at Bill’s on a chilly Autumn evening.

Lee Farren
Lee Farren