I’m up early with the birds in the summer, out in the garden to see how everything’s coming along and how much damage the slugs have done overnight. Cup of tea in my hand and Frank, my dog, bouncing around the garden, it’s the best time of day. That, and when the sun’s going down – nice cold beer before dinner.


In our restaurants, summer has a special place in our hearts. It’s the time of year when we throw open the doors and windows to catch the breeze and customers come in to take time to enjoy the clinking of ice in a glass of something cool and refreshing. The place takes on a bit of a holiday vibe, especially once the kids are off school and people have more time on their hands.

And it’s gone in a moment, summer. So my advice is to make the best of it and get out there and enjoy it – whether it’s a crowded park, a pub by the river, an even more crowded beach – the British summer is a glorious thing. Even in the rain.

Lee Farren
Lee Farren